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USB-Link do aplikacji GCS

USB-Link do aplikacji GCS

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The USB-Link is used for connecting GATE TITAN and ASTER with PC, Mac or Android devices.

  1. USB-Link for GCS App
  2. USB-C cable [0.6 m / 1 ft 11 in]
  3. Micro-USB cable [0.6 m / 1 ft 11 in]
  4. 'Troubleshooting' Card
  5. Quickstart Guide
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GATE Control Station鈩

Simply update the firmware and/or adjust the settings at home, using the USB-Link and the GATE Control Station鈩 computer App.

TITAN 聽 聽 聽


Working in tandem with GATE Control Station鈩 App, USB-Link gives you full access to TITAN's or ASTER's functions and settings. Moreover, it allows for updating firmware of the drop-in module and the Tactical Programming Card.

What is the difference between usingTactical Programming CardorUSB-Link?

The main difference is that theTactical Programming Cardis small, lightweight and portable. UsingUSB-Link with GATE Control Station鈩gives more functions, including firmware update, and requires connection to PC/Mac.

Tactical Programming Card USB-Link with GCS
Settings adjustment + +
Firmware update - +
Portable + -
Sensors check + +
Diagnostic Trouble Codes + +
Statistics - +
Additional settings - +
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