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EON PROTECTOR Głowica Cylindra [CNC]

EON PROTECTOR Głowica Cylindra [CNC]

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The cylinder head designed to prolong gearbox shell life and provide the perfect seal to achieve best results. The shock-absorbing bumper noticeably increases gearbox life and limits the wear of the piston head. Thanks to high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machining, the Protector Cylinder Head guarantees a precise fit and high tolerances between the nozzle and its guide, eliminating the mid-cap syndrome.


  • Designed especially for standard and high-performance builds
  • Two shock absorbing bumpers of different hardness, prolonging gearbox shell life
  • Ultra-high quality of aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machining
  • Precise fitting with the nozzle eliminating the mid-cap syndrome
  • High tolerances between the nozzle and its guide
  • No limits in spring power
  • No AEG modification required
  • Dedicated especially to pros and skilled users


  • All standard AEG cylinders
  • All standard AEG piston heads
  • All standard O-rings

Kit contents:

  • PROTECTOR Cylinder Head – Aluminum
  • 2 shock absorbing bumpers of varied hardness
  • 2 o-rings
  • QR Code containing QuickStart Guide

The price applies to 1 PROTECTOR Cylinder Head.

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